Danby DAC 5209M Specifications

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Room Air Conditioner
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Climatiseur de piece
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Room Air Conditioner


Page 2

6. Installing the Slide-Out Chassis into Cabinet:(please seek assistance for this procedure)• Carefu]|y slide the air conditioner back intothe cabinet

Page 3

7. Electronic Control FeaturesLED DISPLAY: The LED window displays thefollowing information ]ndependantiy, Set Cooling Temperature- Ambient Room'

Page 4 - 108 lb 108 Ib 10B Ib

POWER;Press the POWER keypad to turn the unit onlofL"COOLING" and "FAN"mode. The green pilot lightdirectly above the COOL or FAN m

Page 5

FAN:Press thlskeypad to activate the appropriate fanspeed setting. Each depression of the keypad wi!laItemata through High, Medium, Low fan speedoptio

Page 6 - Ground ,,_>

Frequently,aproblemisminorand a service callmay not be necessary, use lhls troubleshootingguide for apossiblesolution, II the unit continues to operat

Page 7 - Fig. 6

LIMITED AIR CONDITIONER WARRANTYTH_qua1_yp_oductisw_rrantedIobefleefmrnm_afa:iure=%deJeclsin_lerlalandwo_man_hip,providadthe(theunitisesec=un#erthenor

Page 8

Pagetnlroduction ... 16Fiche signal6tique ...

Page 9

Nous vous remerclone d'avo}r chols! un climaliseurde chambre Danby pour refroidir votre Iogement Ce manueld'utitisatton el d'entretten

Page 10 - Fig,, 24

Model No.Unit SpectflcaficatlonsVo!ta_eCoolingCapacity(Btu/h)!nputWattag.e...EnergyEfficiencyRating {EER)FenlCoolln_SpeedsCoo!!ngArea Coverag_Noise

Page 11

Votreeltmatlseurde p|_oeestcongupour_tred'unegrandseffieac_tdclans|'dconomled'_.nergle.PourI'augmenterencore,vaulllezsutureIesreco

Page 12

PageIntroduction... 2Unit Speclficalions ...

Page 13 - End-of-Season Care

Comma Jacompresseurse trouve du c51_descommandos de I'unil_ (c0t_ dmil), cs oSl_est plusIourd et plus difficIle fl manipuler. Un sou_ienInappropr

Page 14 - No power touniL

1. Preparationpourenlevezle chassiscoultssantduclimatiseur (Touslabrnod_les)Mettezt'apparei]b rapositionnormale(verllcale).Enlevezle fitlre_ aire

Page 15

2. Montage des canaux sup6rieur et tnf6rleursur le caisson (Tous lee modb]es)Canal sup6deur en forms de. L _ : Installez lecanal en forms de ,, L ,, a

Page 16

Va _2 °"Constmclionpate]ex_deufaFig° 18oooo0oooo5, Installation du caisson(Tous les modules)A, Placez le caissonduclimatlseurdens Jafen6treavecle

Page 17 - Num_m de s_rie:

6. Installation du chassis coulissant clans lecaisson{veulllezdemanderde |'aidepourcette _tape)Failes glisser avec so_nle clirna_iseurvers I&apos

Page 18

7. CARACTI_RISTIQUES DES COMMANDES_LECTRIQUESAFFtCHAGE DEL :Lafenetre desDELaffl_herInformationsulvantede fa(_onind6pendanteoR_glagede ]atemperature d

Page 19

ALJMENTATION : Appuyez sur la touchenum_dqueAUM ENTATION DOUrmettre rappareii en marche out'arr_ler.4L R_GLAGES DETEMPi_RATURE : Appuyez sur lato

Page 20

.. VENTILATEUR : Appuyez sur cettetouchepour aetiverIe r_glage de vitesse appropride du ventIiateur.Chaque presslon su_ la Iouche humOr!quava allerner

Page 21 - (Fig.Sa)

Fr_quemment,unprob!_men'est que minaur el ne n_cessite pasi'appel6'un technicianpourle r_soudre;utfltsezeeguide de d_pannagepour unesol

Page 22 - I'avant)

GARANTIE LIMIT_E DE CLIMATISEURCott+pp_ deqnaliI_es!gamnlleexempt<J_to_ v_mde mato+_mpmm!_metde fabrication,++_ile++tulili_(+an++lee+oonditim++notm

Page 23 - Va _2 °"

Thank you for choosing a Danby Room Air Conditioner to coot your home. This Use and Care Manualprovides information necessary for the proper care and

Page 24 - IL " BRA_._Ge

Model.Mod_teDAC6003DDAC8003DDAC9003DDAC6300DDAC8503DDAC10003DDAC 12304 DForsez'_ce,con|actyournaareelservicedepot or calf:1-800-26- I_artby _(1-8

Page 25 - Comm_tateur

Mode!.Mod leDAC6003DDAC8003DDAC9003DDAC6300DDAC8503DDAC10003DDAC12304DForsa_oe,contactyourneamslservicedepotorcat_:1-800-26- I_lrtl_'('1-800

Page 26

Model No.Unit Specificaficationsvoltage...InputwattageEnergyEfllcien.cy.Ra!'in9 lEER)FantCooi!n_ SpeedsCooling]AreaCoverage{Sq.!l:.)...Noise L

Page 27

_ _f I_l[=t'i_.'/-\,tl#l_iliii_-'-,-.--.-,l_Your Room Air Conditioner unit is designed lobe highly efficient in energy savings. Followt

Page 28 - Solution Suggeree

Because the compressor Is located on the controlsside of the unit (right side), this side will be heavierand more awkward to manipulate° Inadequatesup


1. Preparation to Remove the Air ConditionerSlide-Out Chassis (All Models)* Posftion the air conditioner in the normar(upright) position°• Remove the

Page 30 - (1-800-263-2629)

2. Assembly of 1he Upper & Lower Channels,to CabineL (All Models)• "L" ShapedTop Channel:Install the "L" shapedchannelto the t

Page 31

? 0 _, o o o 0 o o o o r_'__':=:=Outer Walt Coas_rucUonFIg_185. Installation of the Cabinet(All Models)A, Place the air conditioner cabinet

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